Accel Advisors

Profit Improvement Solutions

About Accel Advisors

Accel is a management consulting firm led by former Fortune 1000 procurement executives and alumni of some of the world's leading consulting organizations.

Founded in 2005, we develop and implement profit improvement programs for large and middle market companies.

Our products are typically measurable profit improvement from cost reduction, improved financial control, and optimized procurement organizations. Additionally, we have a track record of helping Minority firms secure growth capital through our relationships with leading private equity firms.

Team & Leadership

Rod Robinson, Founder & Managing Partner

Keith Satterwhite, Managing Consultant

Jim Tuttle, Senior Consultant

Susan M. Oswalt, Senior Consultant

Anthony Jones, Consultant


Accel Advisors, Inc.
8044 Montgomery Road Suite 700
Cincinnati, Ohio 45236
Office: 513-204-5863